Thursday, August 19, 2004

Waters, Waters, Everywhere

The latest issue of Baltimore Magazine, not yet on newstands, has a fun interview with John Waters by the director of Saved!, Brian Dannelly (UMBC grad, btw).

Besides Waters' new movie, A Dirty Shame, which opens next month, they talk about an upcoming Biography on Waters:

JW: I took them to my favorite corner in Hampden. It's a ritual that I always go there for inspiration when I'm about to start a movie. And during the interview, this guy came out of his house in leopard pajamas and he was playing with himself the whole time. They couldn't believe it. They thought I had set it up. They thought he was a plant. It was so amazing. You can come to Baltimore and realize that all my films are really true. They're part documentary of how I see Baltimore."

Waters was in town recently, so if you've sent him mail in the past couple of months he just picked it up!

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