One Out of Every Two Phone Calls Is a Wrong Number

That's only a slight exaggeration.

For a while we got a lot of calls asking for Long & Foster Realtors. We only have a one number difference for one of their offices. Understandable. The rest? Freaks. I mean, do they not even listen to the message on the machine? You're calling Atomic Books!

Do people in Baltimore not know how to dial a goddamn number? Is it the proliferation of those disposeable cell phones or just that cell phones are getting so small people can't dial those teeny keypads?

On the machine this week:

"You're not my brother."


"Better have you ass up in the mornin' when I call ya!
Git you ass up!
I'm gonna call you again!
This is Theromin.
Talk with ya.
4 o'clock!"


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