Retail Therapy

If you're like me, and have served some time in retail establishments or in customer service, I think you'd have thought this comic strip should have won something more than Honorable Mention.

That one wasn't the funniest example.

I used to work at a photo lab. When you work with the general public there's an incredible amount of shit you have to put up with. That you're expected to put up with. You won't believe this, but did you know that there's a saying: the customer is always right? Isn't that strange?

I remember the time a woman who hadn't read the details on photo Xmas cards (which had been printed in LARGE TYPE right on the form) and was demanding her money back, which basically meant we had to eat it because of her mistake. I told her, "It's not my fault that you can't read."

Ok, I should have been fired for that.

But what about the guy who pulled out his film from his camera, and I mean pulled the actual film out of the cartridge and EXPOSED it to light, handed me the mess and told me he wanted it in an hour. He wouldn't believe that his film was ruined. Well, you know, I only worked there. Why would I know something about photography that he didn't?

Whew. I'm telling you that strip is funny!


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