Viva Le Vice!

The Ave is getting to be a regular Book Row (hint, hint, Normal's are you reading this?)!

Breathe Books is opening up next week.

It's funny but in some ways, our bookstores are diametrically opposed. BB is all about health and we're pretty much about vice in it's many forms (People Who Read Too Much and the Bookstore Owners Who Love Them). Even our vegetarian/vegan books are more political in nature than about nutrition. But there are many paths to enlightenment...

Speaking of vice, the above article also mentions another new store opening on the Ave that's JUST HANDBAGS. Opening near the already tempting Ma Petite Shoe (the shoes AND chocolate store), Gotta Have Bags will be opening soon with an array of designer, handmade and otherwise unique bags.

Also, more vice: Rose's Cookies and Mick's new Whiskey Island Pirate Shop are now open in the old Golden West Cafe space. Rose's cookies kick ass. And of course Mick's salsas and sauces...he's a pirate for chrissakes! You can't go wrong.

Still on my wishlist:
1. Another coffeeshop that stays open LATE!
2. A 24 hour diner
3. A burlesque theater? (ok, that was just a rumor I heard)


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