It's been a strange few days around here on the Ave. Stranger than normal.

Around 2pm, the whole Ave lost power.

But oddly, not the Golden West Cafe. So we all went across the street to get some food and have a beer while we waited for the electricity to come back.

When we got back to the store around 3:30pm, the power was back.

And then Major "Bunny" Colvin walked in! He was nice enough to pose with Baby Doll.

Over the weekend, a guy threw his girlfriend through one of Golden West Cafe's windows.

It's the second weekend in a row that a fight in the street has caused damage to a shop (though not any serious damage to any person). True Vine still has a window out.

Maybe Colvin needs to make Hampden Amsterdam. And then nail everyone's ass.

(Sorry, this post will only make sense if you watch The Wire.)


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