I hate shopping. I hate going to the mall.

But you know what? I don't have to leave Hampden to shop. Here's our little Holiday Gift Guide Picks. But we haven't finished walking around the Ave, so more to come on Friday. See, I'm also lazy. And if you're lazy, perhaps if you ask nicely, we can add on some of these items to your online orders from us. Wait, that's way too complicated.

(Descriptions of the items were written by Benn. He just made them up.)

Ma Petite Shoe
832 W. 36th St.

Sure, everyone thinks this shoes & chocolate boutique as the place for women to indulge their sweet tooth as well as their insatiable need for stylish shoes (and it is), but they also have stylish shoes for men!

Rose's Cookies
842 W. 36th St.

The holiday season can be so cruel to those who can't bake, what with all the cookies flying around. This year, impress your loved ones with some cookies from Rose, she won't mind if you take all the credit, it happens all the time.
Cookies start at 60-cents each/$6.95 per dozen.

Oh! Said Rose
840 W. 36th St.

Anyone who doesn't care for a stylish handbag as a gift clearly isn't a woman. The bags in this picture start at $34.99 and go up from there. So, they're stylish AND affordable!

Fat Elvis
833 W. 36th St.

Fat Elvis is a treasure chest of vintage household goods. From toasters to coasters, you'll find the perfect quirky vintage gift for the perfect, quirky vintage loved one. Check out their vintage cookbooks from 75-cents and up!

In Watermelon Sugar
3555 Chestnut Ave.

The best way to drink is to drink with class. And a tiki mug is the perfect container for the rummy in your life.

Wick-edly Sent
3606 Falls Rd.

Nothing screams cleanliness like a brick of pate. Mm... clean, whipped liver... These handmade soaps look not unlike a brick of pate and are sold by the slice. The perfect gift to give to get that "what the hell is this" expression out of someone.


sweetney said…
okay, that bag with the fruit-like skulls is awesome.


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