Fire Dancers

You know it's Halloween pretty much all year round here at the store, but how often do you get to see Fire Dancers?

Maggie got some great pics from yesterdays festivities here on the Avenue.

I'll have some of mine posted later, but alas, my battery died just as things got started.


Leif Hearne said…
The more I look, the more I find. Fire dancers on the streets of Maryland eh? How much does it take before something is mainstream? I hope it'll be a bit longer for this. :)

(one of vancouver, bc's fire dancers)
Amy said…
Fire dancers have been on the streets of Maryland (especially Baltimore) for a few years now. As we're a big ole' group of slackers, we're not very organized, though.

Leif Hearne said…
hehe, I actually remember chatting with Kathleen via email a while ago. :)

Sounds like there's a larger crew in Maryland than Vancouver, but we're working on it!! :)

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