You know that show where a bunch of people on a plane crash land on a strange island where there are scary monsters that only they can see?

This post isn't about that.

I am devasted. Surprisingly, completely devasted.

Just the other week I was going on about how I didn't feel alone. And yet today, I couldn't feel more alienated from my fellow Americans. Where am I? Who are you people?

The issues that seem to freak the "majority" of Americans is passe subject matter in our store. What consenting adults choose to do, the lifestyle of different sub-cultures, the sight of a female breast whether for titillation or breast-feeding in public, none of it gives us pause. Hell, almost all of that banal crap has been the subject matter for America's old favorite tv show, "Friends", but now it seems obvious that that shitty show is too scandalous and progressive for this country.

But you know what? Fuck Canada! I'm not taking my marbles and going elsewhere. I'm American and I will remain in America. I still believe that that can be something that I'm proud of being. I believe that I have a place here, and places like Atomic Books can only help.


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