Shopabout Part II

Shine Collective
3554 Roland Ave.

Walls, walls, everywhere goddamn walls! Sick of paint? Faux finish? Sick of wall paper? Sick of paneling (even ironic paneling)? Sick of posters, calendars, fabric and all that other crap we stick on our walls to give the illusion we're looking at something neat? Try some wall decals. Shine has a wide selection, but we're partial to the video game character looking ones. $47 for the small ones (pictured) and $50 for larger sizes.

The True Vine
1123 W. 36th St.

Holidays mean holiday music. This CD contains a bunch of turn of the century holiday music to give a family get together a nice ecclectic soundtrack. Oh, by turn of the century, we're referring to 1800s-1900s, not this last one. $17.

1005 W. 36th St.

Back to that wall thing. Okay, say you have someone on your list that won't dig wall decals? Try some nice, imported-from-Mexico, wall ornaments in various shapes sizes, colors and styles. Also, be sure to check out the fuzzy virgin statues (not pictured) and the Jesus ash tray (also not pictured cuz we're dicks like that). Wall hangings start at around $35 and go up from there, depending on size.

Passion Fish
1129 W. 36th St.

What the hell kind of place is Passion Fish exactly? Well, it's "contemporary art and vintage nonsenese." This Eden picture meets both descriptions nicely. Only $30 (I think. It was dark and the sticker was on the back and I was confused.)

927 W. 36th St.

It's cold. And it's gonna get colder. And you know what? No one ever looked bad in a vintage leather jacket. The ones pictured start at $59.

There are many, many more stores here on the Ave, with many, many more unique and cool items worthy of gift-giving. But we're pooped out already. Next year we'll have to start with a plan.

Don't forget the Miracle on 34th Street starts tonight! The Magical Lights of Hampden!


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