There Is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World

Photo by J. Mayer.

So I've been resisting looking at this art project by Chris Cobb. For one week, this past week, Adobe Books in California, let this artist rearrange all their books into the color wheel.

Anyone who has ever worked in a bookstore probably let out a huge groan when they first heard about this. What a nightmare!

But it sort of helps out when a customer asks, "Um...I'm looking for a book. The cover is red." At least you have a red section now.

I have to say that it looks beautiful. And sort of magical. And this is the part of the spectrum that I would be attracted to - the pinks and the reds.


frederik said…
I,m actually thinking of doing the same. I'm just tired of the way books are shelved. At F52, we need to go by publishers which i hate. By colors, it would at the very least look nice.
Rachel said…
But how would you find anything?
lisah said…
So this bookstore is in my old 'hood in San Francisco and, if I'm remembering correctly, was sort of on the disorganized side to begin with. Color coding may be an improvement. And it is awful purty.
~ Miss N ~ said…
Finding? Easy peasy for the manic list-making bibliophile-wannabe-librarian with PDA. One would create a finding aid/dbase for each color section, with sequential numbers assigned to books. e.g. Red 1/Author/title; R2/au/ti and so on. Easy to update. Or barcode, or RFID-tag. Works for shelving by size (oversize/shelve flat...), or packing for long-term storage too. We do it alla time. That being said, Cobb's is hella prettier than wrapping all ones books in white paper for that very 80s Architectural Digest or 17th century monastic liberry look. I believe I may have just actually used my MLIS degree for the 1st time.

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