Save the Wire

Are you like me? Do you LURVE HBO's The Wire?

I just emailed them and informed them that when/if they cancel the BEST SHOW ON TV, that I will cancel HBO on the same day. They've got nothing left that I'm willing to pay for and watch as it airs. I can wait for CYE and Deadwood to come out on DVD and rent them. Maybe if I'm feeling masochistic I'll rent Carnival, too.

I'll just cancel cable. Netflix is the way to go. And they're blue, too!


Editor B said…
The only good cable is pirated cable.
d said…
Well if I hadn't gotten fed up enough with the 8 week seasons (which I hope in the future will be grounds to eliminate shows from the possibility of winning Emmy's), it seems after watching the last episode of The Wire, you have foolishly decided this will be the last season of not only the best show on TV, but the best series you have aired since the Soprano's.

Sunday nights on HBO have not been worth the price of a month's subscription since you started airing only one new show and 5 to 20 repeats surrounding it. If you decide indeed to officially cancel the Wire, that leads me to believe your programming will continue to move toward the same repugnant crap I can find on broadcast television. If I wanted foolish mind numbing reality TV (Family Bonds), or idiotic T&A shows (Entourage), I can get those for free. And if that’s the direction of the new programming being offered I will very happily cancel my subscription.
Benn said…
The above post by D is what he sent to HBO. He isn't a crazy person who has confused us with HBO or thinks, for some reason, that we are cancelling the show or that Stringer is gonna come back or anything.
d said…
What that wasn't obvious?
The Wire got RENEWED!
Rachel said…
Yes! We know!

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