What I Want

We've launched a new feature on our site. The Want List.

Just register and start adding stuff! Let us know how it works for you. We're still working out some kinks.


Jeff said…
Hi Rachel. Is this for use as a wishlist of items you guys carry or for stuff we'd like to see you carry?

I tried it out and when I click the link to add items, it takes me to the main Atomic page.
Rachel said…
Yeah! Try clicking on an item. You'll see that you can either add it to your car or add it to your Want List.

And yes, it's like a Wish List feature.
David said…
I like the Want List a lot. I've been envious of my friends' Amazon.com Wish Lists, but never wanted to start one of my own because, you know, just because. But this, this is great. It's very chic of you!

Can I ask a favor? After I click "Add to Want List" and it brings me to the screen where you can write notes and rank the book you've selected, can you put a link that brings you back to the screen where you just were -- a sort of "Return to Browsing" spot? I end up having to start over every time I choose a book, even if the next one I want to choose is right below the last book I chose.

Does that make sense?

Keep up the great work.
Benn said…
David - that makes sense.

I'll look into cleaning up the navigation. Thanks for the feedback!

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