The Bar that Blog Built

Here's "Molly" at her brand new bar.

When I first came to Baltimore, I was surprised by the bar culture. "You mean people go to corner bars and just...drink?"

No tvs. No bands. Just people drinking and...talking? Crazy stuff.

Molly's has a pool table, though, and a jukebox that's online and downloads pretty much anything you want. Torment and delight the crowd with your picks (you can also pay extra and push your songs ahead on the queue, but that's just rude!). As Benn likes to say, "Always with pleasure, a little pain." Which I think is why he played "Tusk".

Molly's will also be wireless. Soon.


eebmore said…
I like the second photo in the flickr strain. I can't imagine a bar opening without Dan finding it.

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