Drinking is Good For You

It's just something I heard on NPR this morning! It makes you smart.

And just in time to help keep us brainy, Molly's (her blog), a new bar in Remington, is opening tomorrow! 400 W 23rd St. Be there or be stupid.


lisah said…
Yay! New bar! funny location! Are you guys going over there tonight do you think?
Rachel said…
Yeah! You? Want to meet up here?

Maybe we'll get snowed in!
lisah said…
I think so. I'm trying to get Hannah and Becky to come to. I don't wanna get snowed in! I want it to start snowing on Sunday evening. So I can be snowed in at home Monday!
lisah said…
gah! I mean "too". I'm thinking of heading over around 9:30ish.

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