Friday Review

This week Maggie read Sweet Action #3:
"I like the concept of this magazine, yet a lot of the guys look like junkies/sleazeballs. My favorite article was the review of short stay motels in the NY/NJ area complete with pictures of heart-shaped hot tubs."

Mike read How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers:
"In these short stories, Dave Eggers is able to bounce all over the place as a narrator and still maintain a distinctive, enjoyable style. A lot of the tales seem like simple narrative experiments, but others really hold their own. I particularly enjoyed 'The Only Meaning of the Oil Wet Water' which involved two love-confused surfers, and 'Quiet' which reaches a level of awkwarndess I never thought possible."

Lauren read Crippled by Depression: Why Don't Nobody Love Me:
"About Adam, an artist, and his search for a girlfriend through Craigslist. His posts are funny and real and the answers range from amusing young girls to actual possibilities. The zine is also filled with illustrations by Adam. It's a fun, quick read and a glimpse into a single's search for companionship through personals. I found myself smiling at the entire thing."

Benn read Murder Can Be Fun #19 by John Marr:
"It's refreshing to see the return of a much loved zine. This issue collects music related murders and deaths, and while it informs (at times in greatly researched detail), it also inspires - it offers hope for a zine world that has been ravaged by blogs and watered-down by self-indulgent per-zines."

Rachel read Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami:
"When I first started reading Murakami's books I kind of binged on a bunch all at once, so I decided to savor the last few before I would be left with nothing. Now that Kafka on the Shore is coming out (next week!) I decided to go on with the follow up to A Wild Sheep Chase, which I loved.

How does he do it? Another disappearing woman and yet it doesn't get old. Spooky, suspenseful, and profound, and yet still as familiar and satisfying as eating a bowl of spaghetti."


Carl said…
i really liked this feature!
Rachel said…

I really like that you put Carl with Pee-Wee!

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