Friday Review

This week Lauren read Out by Natsuo Kirino:
"I cannot describe how much I loved this book. It is the best thriller that I have ever read. The story begins when a young mother strangles her husband. She looks to friends that she works with to help her cover it up. This causes a chain of events that takes the women into the dark underbelly of Japan. While the story beings with the women there are so many other vivid characters, and despite the fact that they all do awful things I could identify with them as well. It all begins to tie together around the middle and then the book becomes impossible to put down."

Rachel read Budda V1 by Osamu Tezuka:
"It's like Astro Boy, Disney, and the Marx Bros all got together to tell the story of Buddha's birth. The story pulls you into the mythical past even as it stands back and makes modern day references and meta asides."

Benn read Bighead by Jeffrey Brown:
"Every once in awhile I get in the mood for a good superhero comic (which is something that is really hard to find), and lately I've been in that mood. Jeffrey Brown's version of costumed heroes, presented here as a collection of shorts, takes the charm of his autobiographical work and applies it to the superhero genre for amusing and endearing results. It sucks when the chick you like falls for your arch-nemesis, The Brit!"

Mike read Art of Modern Rock by Paul Grushkin & Dennis King:
"Probably the greatest Christmas present I've ever recieved, this massive hardcover tome covers all angles of rock postery. Divided into categories according to particular techniques and conceptual approches, the book is able to shed some light into the minds of many severely overlooked and underappreciated artists from all over the world. The pages are glossy, vibrant, and beautiful. The only drawback is that every once in a while you will see a flyer for a show you missed that just might have been the best show ever."


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