Friday Review

This week Benn read Holy Moly by Leah Hayes:
"Man...I wish I had kept all of my drawings I did in those old Composition notebooks in class instead of paying attention. That's pretty much Holy Moly, a bunch of drawings that look like they were done with a Bic disposable pen during a social studies class (not much of a narrative, and unlike me, Hayes doesn't try her own recreation of a Kiss, Journey or Boston logo). Note to all zinesters, comix makers: stop with the composition notebook covers. I can think of about a dozen of them right now, and they don't seem to grab people's attention (although to Haye's credit, she doesn't copy the cover, she draws the marble pattern by hand - pretty cool)."

Maggie read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon:
"I tore through this book in one day. A murder mystery written from the perspective of an autistic boy who has an extremely limited grasp of human emotion (happy and sad), yet possesses a photographic memory that gives him extraordinary math and hard science skills. The book is full of minute detail but lacks any real emotion from the narrator which makes for a sometimes sad but always fascinating read."

Rachel read Burn Collector 13 by Al Burian:
"One of my favorite titles, the latest issue is full of Burian's usual personal insights, distant cynicism and grumblings. There are more political thoughts this time around, as Burian travels Europe and thinks about being American. Issue 13 was too short."

Lauren read The Constant Rider Omnibus by Kate Lopresti:
"Kate began her zine in September 2000 and this booklet contains the first 3 issues. Issue 1 was my favorite. This one detailed Kate's trip home from Portland, Oregon to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are so many wonderful stories of the people that she meets. My favorite parts...fruit and customs. Kate doesn't declare her pears on the way into Canada, she eats some and then throws the evidence away. On the way back she declares her orange and is forced to eat it at the border. I also loved the funny description of her Amtrack ride through a barren North Dakota. Kate is a funny gal and a wonderful story teller.

The other issues are about people that Kate meets on the bus that are 'in an altered state of mind while riding' and positive stories of riding the bus. Constant Rider is a great travel zine with a lot of humor."


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