What To Do With A Flaming Squirrel Patch?

Atomic Knit Night has started back up again. Wednesday nights, from 7-9pm, here at Atomic Books. Except for the First Wednesday of the month when we go across the street to the Golden West Long Bar. It's smoke free and we even have a drink - The Lusty Purl!

What is Knit Night about? Here's a short FAQ:

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: Nope! It's free.

Q: Is it a class?
A: No, it's more of a social group. People just hang out and work on their own projects. We have cookies from Rose's up the street (or other people bake things and bring them in). We swap yarn, help figure out patterns, share what we know and chat.

Q: I just learned how to knit. Can I still come?
A: Of course. We have a lot of beginners in our group, as well as knitters of all levels.

Q: Can I crochet there?
A: Yes. All craftsters are welcome. As long as what you're working on is portable.

Q: Why do you knit?
A: Because it's fun, an outlet for creativity, a good way to recycle yarn from old sweaters, an alternative to smoking, something to do while you watch tv, an expression of love, a way to meditate on life, birth and death...

Q: Are you all grandmothers?
A: No. Not all of us.

We're knitters of all ages, and we're not even all women. We're an opinionated, diverse bunch so just bring an open mind, something to work on and enjoy yourself.

If you have more questions you can always ask them in the Atomic Knit Forum.


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