Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bathroom Movie Commentary

After going to see a movie, especially preview screenings, the best place to overhear comments are in the women's room.

Here's a sample from last night's Constantine:

2 women in their early 20s:
First Woman: I had no idea what was going on!
Second Woman: I didn't get it either. But don't let the boys know that or they'll explain it to us over and over and over!
First Woman: Yeah, I can't remember half the things he tells me about comics. I just tune it out.
Second Woman: Yeah, you have to.

2 women, maybe in their late 30s or early 40s (couldn't see them, just heard them):
First woman: I didn't get it.
Second woman: His movies don't make any sense anymore.
First woman: Keanu banked on the Matrix. He doesn't have to do anything good anymore.

One woman, in her forties, on her cell phone:
"You should see this movie I just saw...well, it's about good and evil...but not like you'd expect."


Carl said...

hahaha i love overheard conversations, better than fiction, or are they fiction?

Rachel said...

It's all completely true!