Amazon Is Watching You

Here's something totally crazy.

(Thanks for giving me the creep and a way to drive more traffic to Amazon, Joanne!)

UPDATE: This must be the photo-taking vehicle. Watch out for the white van!


teaann said…
that is unbelievable...never saw such a thing...although on the other hand it's not nearly as creepy as that keyhole thing that google does with the satellite photos...
melusina said…
Good lord. I thought, well, that's just a picture of the store, not too bad, and then I realized you can "walk" down the street!

Although, on the other hand, its kind of nice. Its like I can walk through the streets of Baltimore even though I am 7k miles away.
el mannion said…
especially how creepy it must be for the people in the pictures. most especially if they are imed to you out of the blue. it's like random stalking.
Mink said…
Aaaiiieee!!! It's Mannion. Quick, take it down before it depresses business.

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