Goodbye Salvation?

The Salvation Army on the Ave seems to be closed.


el mannion said…
when i read this, "goodbye yellow brick road" by elton john started playing in my head.
Rachel said…
You're going back to your plow?
d said…
I can't tell what these signs mean. It seems to be protesting the closing. But what does 'no more unjust gentrification' mean? Is another record store opening there?
eebmore said…
The Salvation Army Booth House on North Calvert is also closing. Although I’m not sure what is going on in Hampden, the Mt. Vernon property is moving to maximize salvation revenue. The historic property in Mt. Vernon is now worth a bundle, so the higher ups at salvation central (God, perhaps?) are selling off the property to move to a more “in need” area, and reallocating the profits to save more souls or something. I can see both sides on the issue, but I guess it makes sense what with the SA mission and whatnot.
Rachel said…
I think that the "unjust" was added later. And yeah, kind of takes the punch out of a protest.

It's unclear what exactly is happening with our SA here. They recently put in thousands of dollars in renovations. It seems odd to be closing after all that.

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