Monday, July 25, 2005

Town Hall Meeting

What's going on with the Rotunda?

This out of date piece on the nearby shopping area reminds us of what it once was:

"In a world of shiny, cookie-cutter suburban super-malls, The Rotunda is a breath of fresh city air. Housed on the first floor of a North Baltimore brick building with high ceilings and unique architecture, this cluster of shops and eateries refuses to deteriorate into a Gap-and-Starbucks establishment."

Benn does a recap of our Hampden Community Council Meeting tonight.

Hekemian is quoted by sources as saying, the demographic they are going after with this project is "the newlyweds and the nearly-deads, young couples and empty nesters." And if they're bringing in Outbacks and Starbucks, they're going for the no tasters too. They want to create a development the quality of which can only be found in your average suburban stripmall.

It's just like "Gilmore Girls"! Only without that annoying Lorelei.

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