Holy Shit List!

Um...yeah. It's for real. Our book is #1 on the Entertainment Weekly Must List this week.

Does this mean the world is about to end?

Everyone loves Emily!


sweetney said…
go team!
prettyminotaur said…
this is friggin' AWESOME!
kristie said…
supa said…
WOOHOO! way rad.
Quev said…
That rocks so hard. I just got my copy of EW this afternoon, flipped randomly to the Must List and was like, daaaaaaaamnnnnn.

So, you guys gonna get all Hollywood and shit now? Get some Bono-style bug sunglasses and an entourage? And if so, can I be part of the entourage?
Rachel said…
You silly.

Can you imagine Lulu Eightball, the movie? Who'd be Lulu? Lindsay Lohan?
Quev said…
Ack! Heaven forfend. No, I think Emily herself is the best person to play Lulu. As long as I get to be the monkey.

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