Blythe Mystery

So we've all been waiting for this new Blythe book, Blythe Style (ok, by "we" I mean "me"). It was supposed to have been released this Fall, but it's been pushed to next year, which happens a lot with books.

So how is it that Amazon and both say that they have it and ships in 24 hours or in days?

Well! I just realized that when they say it ships in 24 hours, it doesn't mean that they actually HAVE the book. It means that it ships in 24 hours from the TIME THEY GET IT IN THEIR WAREHOUSE. Big whoop. I can say we ship in 30 minutes! FROM THE TIME MAGGIE LEAVES THE POST OFFICE. And it's nice that a book that doesn't even exist has a Sales Ranking. It should be a different Pre-Sales Ranking.

So when Amazon says they can ship that Complete Calvin & Hobbes in 24 hours, but no other book store even has it in stock (because it's already out of print), it's because they're liars.


Santos said…
nooo! it's out of print? drats.

i guess i'll just wait for the blythe book.

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