Shank Reading Club 2006

I've realized that I am at the age where I've forgotten more books I've read than books I've left to read in my lifetime.

Yes, it's wildly depressing. For most books, I can just remember feeling that they were good, but the details are pretty fuzzy.

So, the Mobtown Shank Reading Club this year will be about revisiting some classics and seeing if they hold up. And the twist is that they're all graphic novels. If you've never really gotten into comics or jumped in late, this would be a good chance to get into some great titles and tear them apart!

We've got the year planned out, so drop in when you want, or go for the whole ride:

January - V for Vendetta
February - Watchmen
March - Dark Knight Returns
April - Love & Rockets Book 10
May - I Never Liked You
June - Buddy Does Seattle
July - My New York Diary
August - Jimmy Corrigan
September - Our Cancer Year
October - Cinderalla
November - Ghost World
December - Black Hole

Discussions will be held at the end of each month over at Frazier's.

Email me to be kept in the loop and for your secret decoder ring.

And we still have our Lost Book Club. We'll be discussing A Wrinkle in Time in January.


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