We don't normally get excited about Marvel titles here at Atomic.

But this one is different, for a lot of reasons. And this is just funny:

My docs wouldn't let me do my usual week of drunken insanity, but we still managed to sneak out and get pissed with Garth Ennis and a few other NYC based pals. Whedon was in town and, during the summit, quite brilliantly chose the best of the four endings we'd been arguing over for the better part of a day. You remember that scene in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing where Luthor was hired for a billion dollars a minute to come in and tell these scientists how to kill Swampy? That was Whedon. The guy is a fucking story-machine and we were all blown away until he sneezed in his hand before shaking mine, leaving me with a glistening palm before he shot off for lunch with one of his Broadway buddies. But otherwise, we were in fucking AWE.


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