Fit For Life

Baltimore has been deemed the fittest city in America.

I thought it was a joke, too.

Our Mayor seems pretty fit. Have you ever seen him in a sleeveless shirt?? H-O-T.

But does he own stock in Starbucks or what:
"You see some neighborhoods starting to grow again, and attracting younger people. With those younger people coming, there's a number of gyms now," O'Malley said. "In every growing neighborhood, you look for two leading signs -- one is a gym and the other is a Starbucks."


eebmore said…
I know. He's been pushing for more Starbucks for two years now. *grrrr* and *sigh* what are you going to do? What I consider a plus for the city, a lack of starbucks, those that can draw a higher tax base consider a minus.
jayfish said…
men's health lists san francisco, ca as #1 with self proclaiming nassau-suffolk counties, ny at the top spot.

must be a lot of poeple wanting to feel better about how fat they're getting. :)
The mayor's statement sounds like a call to arms for independent businesses in the city. Start the PR machine!!!
Rachel said…
The mayor wants a city of caffeinated work out freaks.

You know, everyone jokes, but really, when I sat down and thought about it, about 98% of everyone I know in Baltimore either belongs to a gym, rides a bike, does yoga, bellydances or runs from the cops.

Even Maggie is in Rollergirls! They practice three times a week!

Drinking is pretty physically strenuous, too.
Benn said…
"Drinking is pretty physically strenuous, too."

At least the way we do it.
Gouda said…
And for every Starbucks you find 100 people making a puckering face while drinking that horrid brown swill water.

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