It's True

photo by DtotheUtotheG

But the books are still interesting. Black air? Come on.

Ok, details have been firmed up for the Shank Reading Club!

Last Wednesdays of the month we meet at Frazier's on the Ave in the back bar. We'll try to grab the big round table.

Be warned: It's a pretty smokey bar. The kind of bar that even smokers say, "Hey, it's really smokey in here."

And for those of you who've quit smoking recently this will be a test of your NY's Resolution!

I haven't had a cigarette since NYE!


That's just gum!


jayinbmore said…
Congrats on the quitting!
Rachel said…
Thanks! It's just day 12 though...
d said…
That is still great!
techslob said…
Hey, it looks like your photo made the front page over at Warren Ellis' site. Comic elite indeed.
Rachel said…
Ha! Well that explains where all these people are coming from. I thought he was just making those mosaics for his flickrstream only.

Day 15!

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