Meditate On This

So last week I was out a couple of days with some mystery sickness (probably allergies) and now this week Benn has jury duty...all in all we're pretty behind on tons of things.

So I just can't bring myself to care that much about a few recent book scandals (Frey, LeRoy, whathaveyou)that aren't really about reading or books.

I'm still a little when something like this Avenging Unicorn Set (on sale soon!) comes into the store it can just stop me in my tracks.

Unicorns are my escapist drug of choice for the day.


kevin said…
i can't believe random house is offering a refund for million little pieces.
eebmore said…
As it turns out, the media was wrong on that one. Random House has released a statement debunking that rumor.
Rachel said…
Yeah, it's odd because in that same CNN report Random House has a statement saying that they offer refunds on ALL their books. So you can still get a refund, but it's not a SPECIAL refund.

So the CNN report wasn't wrong...just not particularly newsworthy.

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