Reading Club Roundup

Last night was the first meeting of the 2006 Shank Reading Club at Frazier's.

So, how is a book that gives an ambiguous take on terrorism going to fly today? Everyone in the group noticed the obvious scary parellels of our political climate today to the extreme political order in the book. V for Vendetta offers few answers and raises more questions:

"Why aren't there more comics about dystopias today?"
"Is this book pro Anarchy?"
"Is V supposed to be a hero?"
"Are V and the Leader just different sides of the same coin?"
"Why did that dude take LSD?"
"When did V sew all those little jail outfits for the dolls?"
"Is V gay?"
"How can the movie be any good?"

Join us next time, for the Watchmen (yes, another dystopia. Things were grim in the 80s. Not like they are now...hey, wait)! Last Wednesday of Feb, at 7pm, at Frazier's.


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