Comics Are Funny

Tim Krieder is always up for a challenge, even from Iran:

Last week I vowed that I would win the Funniest Holocaust Cartoon contest. This is my entry. It was my colleague Emily Flake who first brought the contest to my attention, and we immediately agreed that any self-respecting cartoonist could only take this as a challenge. "Obviously," I said, "the premise must be, 'Best Things About the Holocaust.'" Without missing a beat she brightly said, "Well, it got rid of all those Jews!" Tragically, this could not be translated into cartoon form because it is only funny when said by Emily in all blue-eyed ingenuousness. This only confirms my suspicion that Emily is secretly a worse person than me, but censors herself more on paper. She dared me to draw this cartoon, egged me on to infamy, although of course there was no way she would ever do it.

I think that's a challenge, Emily!


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