Just The Facts

These are the facts:

1. This year is our 5th Anniversary on the Ave.

2. This is the 20th Anniversary of Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

3. This year I Hate the 80s Night will be ALL METAL.

Mark your calendars, April 28th, at the Ottobar, the Heavy Metal Hate the 80s Night. Meet the creators and cast of the documentary! And of course, the "best" metal of the 80s. More info to come!

Maybe I'll get a perm.


Carl said…
wow congrats u guys. five years on the ave. i remember when i first moved to bmore i used to go to the store on maryland ave, but maybe that was before you 2 owned it...
Rachel said…
Thanks, Carl!

Ah, the old Maryland locale. Yes, that was before us.
Benn said…
Also fact: This will be our FINAL Hate the 80s Night!

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