What The Frack?

How was your weekend?

Maggie was hit in the face by an amp at the Ottobar. She got some stitches but I don't think her black eyes have reached maximum color yet.

The Ottobar Tried To Kill Maggie Benefit will happen sometime in March! At the Ottobar.


rrrob said…
Must have been a hell of a show if amps were flying through the air. Usually it's just drumsticks and an occasional foot. I guess I don't go to the same clubs Maggie goes to.
MF said…
My ex-student threw the decisive touchdown pass in the Superbowl game. I'm inordinately excited by that, feel happy for him, and for some reason feel I deserve some of the credit for it myself. That was my weekend (although I did find out the S-bowl stuff on a Monday)!

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