Tarantula Hill Benefit

The True Vine is hosting a series of benefits for Carly Ptak and Twig Harper:

Many of you know that for the past five years Tarantula Hill has been the home of Carly Ptak and Twig Harper, the venue which has hosted dozens of the best shows this town has seen, a recording studio, and the homebase of the HereSee Record Label. It was central to the lives of many Baltimorians, and Harper and Ptak had become two of the most important cultural workers in our city.

Friday afternoon, there was a fire on the first floor on Tarantula Hill. Harper and Ptak were in New York at the No Fun Fest. When they returned on Sunday, they found that their cats were dead, a great deal of their artwork equipment and archives were lost, and their house was severly damaged by smoke, heat and water. We are forwarding below the announcement they made about the whole situation.

This store is begining a series of shows to benefit Twig and Carly. Anyone who wants to play on any night OTHER THAN a Friday night over the next month and is willing to promote their show and donate all of the proceeds to Twig and Carly is welcome. Please contact me at nagoski@berndtgroup.net with a date you want to play. Our hope is to raise as much money as possible through sustained energy release through the city.

As of now, the 100% of the sales of all HereSee releases at the True Vine will go to Harper and Ptak.

THURSDAY March 23, 9PM
John Berndt
Caleb Johnston
Nick Becker
Kate Porter
Mugwump (?)
Andy Hayleck and Bonnie Jones
and many more

TUESDAY March 28, 9PM
Jack Rose


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