Books By The Numbers

There are 1702 independent bookstores left in the US.

There are over 1800 comic book stores left in the US.

There are over 850 Barnes & Noble stores and 462 Borders (700 Waldenbooks and Borders Express). I don't know if the B&N numbers include their university bookstores or B.Dalton. These are wikipedia numbers so who knows.

Over 172,000 books were published in the US last year. That's at least 471 books coming out every day.

There are 3 bookstores on our street (Breathe Books, Salamander Books and us), and 2 other stores that carry books and have readings and author signings (Hometown Girl, Minas) and other stores that carry some books (In Watermelon Sugar, various antique stores).

The average American reads one book a year.

Reading? Get In On It!

That last post I did? It was post number 666.


melusina said…
ONE book a year??? That's all?

I try to read at least one book every two weeks. Even at that rate, I won't have enough time left in my life to read everything I want to read!
Rachel said…
It's depressing, isn't it? There are more books coming out in a week then you could read in your lifetime.

Of course, not everything is worth reading. I've never cracked open a single Chicken Soup For the Soul title...but yeah, there's not even time for all the books you WANT to read.
Rachel said…
2052?? I bet Authorgeddon will happen more month.
Wow. After last Sunday at work, I could not read a book for the next six years and be "average."

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