Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Honfest 2006

Saturday is Honfest! It's an excuse to drink on the street and for cross dressers to let it all hang out. I hear that a pack of Huns might start a rumble.

We're having a huge clearinghouse sale so come on out to view the spectacle. Comics for under a dollar and books for under three dollars. Did you hear that Mike? Cheap comics!!


mike said...

You sure know how to sweet talk a cheapskate. I'll shine up my boards and bags in preparation!

Ann said...

Honfest made Wonkette!! The big time! "HonFest '06 in Baltimore. Get a Hairspray makeover and drink in the street."

But can we compete against "Bloated Buffalonean Tim Russert"?

Hope I see you & I'm not tipsy & sweaty! (Just tipsy!!)