Summer is upon us. In Baltimore it means holing up with some strong AC and reading some easy breezy books to take you away from the humidity hell outside.

I'm finishing up Nasty Bits (which isn't nasty at all but it is bit-ty), just in time for No Good Deeds which is out next Tuesday! I can be all about Baltimore without having to actually go outside, and I'll be done with that way before Soul Kitchen comes out in July (ugh, it's even more disgustingly humid in New Orleans, but yay! more chef and restaurant adventures!).

Summer's overrated. Overrated is not.

And have you read Monster Island yet? Now's a good time since the sequel comes out in the Fall!

Well, that's the real reason to hole up. Zombies.


prettyminotaur said…
Skippy McNichols is working on a summer zombie survival guide.

He told me to tell you.

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