Comic Con 2006 Recap

illustration by grickily

Remember when Comic Cons were about...oh I don't know...comics?!

Now they have live tv coverage (G4tv) and a parade of movie stars with toys and video game showcases.

These people went, so we didn't have to:

Comic Con Pool
Patton Oswalt's Comic Con Overheards


1000yregg said…
i also have some posts from comic-con. feel free to check them out. you should go some year, it's nerdtastic! i met adrian tomine and yoshihiro tatsumi!
Rachel said…
Geez, you got a ton of photos!

It's weird, but I think this year more than most, I saw the same costumed people in everyone's flickr streams and saw the same people on G4tv. I feel like I WAS there.

I'm glad you got some of the other booths, like Tatsumi and Pu-pu bros.

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