Coming Soon!

Everyone's on pins and needles!

That's my Heidi Klum impersonation. Yeah, it's good.

The Avenue is bursting with new shops and shops about to open:

Chelle' Paperie is now open, in the old Nouveau Interiors location.

Our Dogwood Cafe - a new smoothie bar and natural deli is on the verge of opening, underneath Bikram Yoga. They'll expand into a full restaurant in the Fall.

Rocket to Venus - a new bar and restaurant in the old Showalter's location, based on the rocket launched to Venus (unsuccessfully) here in Hampden back in the early 20th century.

In the newly renovated Hampden Hall:
Sprout - Rachael Epstein's new salon (she's been doing our hair for years!)
Red Tree - promising electic home furnishings and accessories
HoneyBee Haven - candle shop and gifts
Suntrust Bank

And lots of moving around:
New System Bakery, which has been here for over 85 years, has reopened on Chestnut! They're serving breakfast now!

Heavens to Betsy! has moved to Elm, just off the Avenue on the North side.

Mud & Metal will be opening in their new location next to True Vine.

Hanging On A Whim will be moving next to EIEIO, their old neighbor, on to the Avenue.

All the way from Fells Pt, say hello to 9th Life! They're moving in to the space above Millbrook Antiques! She's having a moving sale in her old location so go check that out.

Also moving from Fells Pt, Reptilian Records is opening up next to the Ottobar in nearby Remington.

And there's more - yarn stores? another bar? more boutiques? Atomic Pop?



Rocket. Venus. Hampden. Early 20th Century? WHAT?
Rachel said…
It's an amazing story. Wait 'til they open and let them tell it.
Benn said…
Or if you can't wait, I wrote about it in my Baltimore Messenger column. It should be in this week's paper.

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