What Would Jesus Think?

The hatemail sent to the author of the Gospel of the FSM.

boingboing has some choice selections.

"people like you are scum, I hope you die by the hands of some sick perverted guy who will skullfuck you and then use your skin to make lampshades."

Jesus should have skipped the turning-the-other-cheek thing (since that didn't really take) and taught his followers something about having a sense of humor.


Carl said…
From one of those missives:
"the Bible is 100% true- it says so in the Bible."

Well shit, who can argue with that?
I am reading Owen King's "We're All in this Together," and he refers to these people as "God's Favorite Assholes," GFA for short. I have a feeling that the term will become a permanent part of my vocabulary.

By the way, my sister-in-law once prompted a letter to her principal by mentioning the "E" word in class (evolution).

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