Awesomest Weekend

photo by Superchou

That's your new Hampden Idol, Tony, giving some one on one attention to his fans.

So many great things happened this weekend:

Hampdenfest was amazing. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to all the supportive vendors and Hampden Merchants and superb bands for creating another great Hampdenfest. We had a little rain at first, but then the sun came out and so did the fun.

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw our new shop, Atomic Pop. We'll announce our grand opening party soon!

Oh and we also saw Mary Alice, from Ace of Cakes. Their show was renewed for another season!

Our roller derby team, The Night Terrors, won the Championship yesterday!!!!! It was the most exciting roller coaster bout ever. We are the Champions!!

And they'll also be in an upcoming issue of Gothic Beauty. We'll have a magazine/victory party for them!


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