Friday Review - Just The Ls

Lisa read Little Lulu Color Special by John Stanley and Irving Tripp:

That Little Lulu! She's quite a character. She's sassy but not obnoxious. Clever but not infallible. And, although she clearly is not a modern creation (I mean, Lulu and her friends run all over town unscheduled and unsupervised), her stories are just as amusing now as they must have been when she debuted 60+ years ago. And Lulu's world is presented in gorgeously vibrant color in this special collection.

Wearing her little red dress and pushing her ever-present doll carriage she invents her way out of scrapes involving her nemeses but also best friends in the boy's only club and real, incompetent truant officers and imaginary, incompetent witches. She's not the smartest kid in school and she owns up to not being a beauty but she is resourceful and confident and mostly kind to her friends.

I keep thinking that having Little Lulu on his side would have done the main character in the last book I read, Jimmy Corrigan, a world of good. I can see her taking him (either Jimmy, really, World's Fair era or present day) under her wing and telling him an almost instructive, but mostly just entertaining, story featuring Witch Hazel and sending him on his way knowing that one sharp cookie has got his back.

Lauren read Blackstock's Collection by Gregory L. Blackstock:

Gregory Blackstock is an artistic savant. He spent most of his life as a pot washer and kept meticulous lists of just about everything. This collection is divided into sections like Tools, Aviation, and Things to Wear. These are not just lists of words, though. Gregory illustrates the list. His drawings are beautiful and detailed giving you the feeling of exactly what he was looking at. I think my favorite list is the shoes. It seems to cover everything!


K and C said…
Hi Atomic! I've just found your blog and I'm glad I did. I wanted to thank you all for carrying my book "How to Survive Heartbreak" and encourage you to keep up the good work. I'll be stopping by more, electronically and physically, in the future.

lalalaini said…
might you be looking for a new person to work at the new store? i just have to ask; the temptation of spending every day in the company of that many books is almost too much to bear. ;) and more importantly, a girl's gotta pay her way through library school somehow! (bonus: if you sell buttons made by people from all over, my button-maker and i have about nine thousand button ideas floating around in our heads at the moment, and we've made lots already that are looking for a home!

just wondering. :)

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