Like Action Figures?

The question we've been getting a lot lately, from people who aren't familiar with the concept of our new store, Atomic Pop, when we say that we're carrying more art toys is:

"Like action figures?"


I think the most distinct difference between the action figure and the art toy is that action figures are mass produced licensed characters from some other medium (tv, comics, movies, etc).

Art toys are simply creations/characters unto themselves. Sometimes they expand into comics and books of their own, but they didn't start there. They are made in much smaller quantities, some made partially or even all by hand.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and we are by no means shunning action figures. They're just going to stay at Atomic Books.


Doug said…
Is the pop store going to have (or share with the book store) an online ordering system?
Rachel said…
Everything in both stores will be available online at!

We're a little behind on the toys right now though. You can always call or IM to see if we have something in stock.

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