Long Ago And Oh So Faraway

Ok, not so long ago, we started getting excited about the fact that we could finally get in some of the super cool little toys from Asia, made by comic artists and other visionary creators. Even before we opened the store in Hampden (2001) we would see the craziest, cutest toys...but only online or on ebay. Importing was difficult and expensive.

But not anymore! Not only is it easier for us to get the cool toys but some of the companies are finally marketing and distributing to America themselves.

Re-ment's Puchi Petites, the American version, has just launched, and we're the only East Coast store to carry them right now. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to sell them online, but soon!


What are they?


They're a collectible art form: scaled down fake foods and accessories, individually handpainted! Great accoutrements for your Blythes and Pullips, or simply just for admiring. Because who doesn't love fake food?


Ned said…
aw, i hoped i could eat that tiny lobster.
Carl said…
why scaled down? they should be full size

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