Zines come and go constantly, but the classics are asked about long after they cease publication in the vain hope that perhaps there's a new issue.

There are a few titles that we get asked about again and again. So often, infact, that we even put them in our FAQ.

Dishwasher is one of those most asked about zines. If you want to talk about zine classics, it's right up there if not at the top. Pete Jordan had a goal - to wash dishes in all 50 states of the US. And to write about it.

Dishwasher ceased publication around 2001. But now, he's back, with a book!

And he'll be here at atomic POP on the 24th, 7pm.

And for this occassion, and our 15th anniversary, let's all walk down memory lane and try to think of what else would be in that Top Zine list.

We'll be posting our list soon.


Doug said…
I would think Cometbus would have to be there. Whether I like it or not depends on the theme of the particular issue.

I liked Murder Can Be Fun, but I think mostly because that was primarily pre-internet, and finding out obscure things like Molasses floods was pretty difficult.

Ben is Dead was good, particularly the nostalgia issues, but too short lived to probably be in the hall of fame. Same probably goes for American Elf. If that's even a 'zine.

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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