DC and Marvel have decided that girls might want to read comics. But for some reason they need comics written specifically for them.

Funny, I've been reading comics forever and I never needed them to be translated to girlcode for me to like them. Oh wait, I'm a freak.


Anonymous said…
"We were looking at the success of manga as a great sign that teenage girls were actually reading comics again," said Karen Berger.
A funny thing for her to say since the VERTIGO line, for example, has a rich history full of comics that both boys/men & girls/women have been equally nuts about since the get go. I hate these broad blanket statements which seek to compartmentalize gender in the world of fandom. Not all "boys" like to read superhero comics, either. I'm one of them.
This just sounds like one of those times where an American company is just trying too hard to be cool, again.

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