You'll Take My Life But I'll Take Yours Too

First Fridays here on the Avenue is a night where a lot of the shops stay open late and have special events, sales, whathaveyou.

First Friday in July will be our next Guitar Hero competition over at atomic POP! Prizes will be given for Easy, Medium and Hard levels. Included in the grand prize will be a voucher for the Guitar Hero 80s game, which will be released on July 17th.

It's also a release party for the new Smile Hon zine, Criminally Yours!

Hmmm, that week in July is also the release of the last Harry Potter. We should have an 80s Guitar Hero/Harry Potter Party where we all dress as wizards and rock out.

Ok, that's the weirdest mashup idea yet.

I finally got through "Freya" on Expert, btw. Now "The Trooper" will be the next Bane of My Existence.


BaltimoreGal said…
Having a "BME" is useful, I find. So is a nemesis, although not as productive.

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