Harry Potter Fever

Caught it.

Ok, so we'll be open at 12:01am, here at Atomic Books, on July 21st to sell the last and final Harry Potter book. It'll be 40% off but really that's beside the point.

Tom Campbell, co-owner of the Regulator Bookshop, a store that's similar to ours in spirit, says it best:

"This is the last Harry Potter book, and it will quite likely be the
last time in any of our lifetimes that people will line up, in the
middle of the night, all across the country, and all across the world,
to buy a book. To 'see what happens next' in a story. The only other
time this has ever happened, as far as I know, was with Charles Dickens
more than 150 years ago when crowds waited on the quays in New York for
the ship carrying the latest installment of The Old Curiosity Shop to
dock, calling out to the passengers and crew, 'Is Little Nell dead?'

"We don't yet know who is going to die in Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows, but we do know that more than a million Harry Potter readers
are dead to the real significance of this event. These are the people
who ordered their books from Amazon, and who at 12:01 a.m. Saturday,
July 21, will be home asleep, waiting for the UPS delivery of their book
the next day, or two days later, or whenever it arrives. They are indeed
getting a great deal on the price of their book, but sometimes in life
you get what you pay for. And sometimes you also get an experience that
is truly priceless, a once in a lifetime kind of thing."

Be there at midnight! We'll have cocktails (but I know you won't be sticking around long since you'll be off to read it).

If you have kids the Children's Bookstore, not far from us on Deepdene Road is having their own festivities, as well as practically every bookstore in the area. Even Red Emmas.


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