Weekend Wrap Up


That's Julia with her whiskey in front of her, debuting her Fart Party book. And next to her is Sarah Glidden.

So SPX was fun, if a little overwhelming. It was my first time actually being behind a table instead of merely attending or buying. We got a lot of "What are you doing here?" since we got to table at the last minute and weren't in the program. Thanks for coming by and saying hi and buying our books!

Unfortunately I was pretty lazy with the photo taking, which is really lame since there were quite a few comic gods in attendance. I rarely get starstruck but as soon as I walked in I realized that Gilbert Hernandez was to my left and I kind of just became brain dead after that.

(The only other time I came that close to vomiting from awe was when Jim Jarmusch was in the store a while back.)

It's good to still feel that after all these years.

Oh, I got a pic of Ben Claassen III, though.

Also going on this weekend was NAIBA's Book Conference for Booksellers and so Written Nerd came by to visit. And once again, I failed to take a photo.

Let's see, what else happened...Emily Flake got drunk, Julia got drunk and Benn fell over when he was talking to Jeffrey Brown. Benn sat down thinking there was a chair under him, but there was not. So it was like he was drunk.


Julia said…
i heard about that after it happened, everyone was talking about it, it was all over town...not really but man would I have liked to see that!

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