Friday Review - Giving Thanks

Rachel watched This Filthy World, by John Waters, directed by Jeff Garlin:

John Waters is an enlightened human being. He knows what really matters in life - friends, being productive, being yourself, and books. He's accomplished quite a bit with his life and his "lecture" is full of interesting anecdotes and great tips and advice for everything from filmmaking to child rearing, as well as just plain simple common sense rules like: "If you go home with somebody and they don't have books - don't fuck 'em."

Eamon read King-Cat #68 by John Porcellino:

I only started reading John Porcellino's King-Cat Comics this last year. I had been aware of it for awhile, but the drawings never caught my attention. When I actually gave it a chance I found out how much the drawings complement the stories. They're quiet, humble and often pretty funny. In issue 68 John examines an anthill, recounts life antidotes of philosopher Diogenes and pays homage to his recently deceased cat, Maise. Memories are shared and an ordinary moment takes on a larger significance. It's John's view of the world that makes his comics so enjoyable. Despite any odds he may face there is always a feeling of hope and a gratefulness for being alive.

No. 68 won't disappoint longtime readers and it's as good a place as any to start reading King-Cat.

Lauren got Kidrobot Super Mini Keychain Series 3:

I've been a fan of the kidrobot keychains, so I wasn't surprised that I liked the new series. But this one is better for 2 reasons:

1. The keychains are far more interesting. They have shrunk down many of their larger kidrobot figures (The Good, The Bad, their pirate, etc). Tilt has designed one with a spray can. There is a detective. Also many more.

2. These are made much better. The heads actually stay on well, so you can use them as keychains.

My favorite toy release this week. Collect them all!


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